29 décembre 2009

Jessica Alba Peep Toe Pumps

We agree on the simple fact that Louboutin shoes are simply gorgeous? I assume we do, since it’s also a commercial known fact.

We also have to agree that a heavy named accessory goes with everything – from tracksuits to bikini. This time goes-with-everything-accessory is a pair of pumps. Beige, peep-toe, red-sole.
Guess I’d be talking about Christian Louboutin, then.

Here’s an example of day-to-night Platform Peep-toe pump:
Showing up all pink ladylike for the V-Day 10th anniversary and then for a casual look making a shopping stop at Barney’s.

Feeling she could set up a trend, Jessica wore the same pink cardigan too (and the same clutch, same earrings but who’s keeping track when we’re set on the Louboutins?).

Christian Louboutin Hidden-Platform Pump

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