29 décembre 2009

Concentration of Hong Kong to buy brand-name pack

If you are a die hard fan of brand-name handbags, remember must go ISA. If you want to save time in Hong Kong, the most and most provincial fare way to buy European fashion boutique, will have to go to ISA fashion boutiques. Because Hong Kong ISA Fashion Boutique is a one-stop brand-name outlets, regardless of Armani, Hugo Boss, Gucci or Prada, and so world famous, can be in the righteousness Lufthansa (ISA) to find, and Yi-sha more Cartier, Dunhill and Lancel designated dealers, gathered in well-known brands as much as the first stop of rated brands in Hong Kong.

And ISA of the buyers are also frequently went to world famous market for beauty-conscious person collecting the most fashionable clothing, leather, glasses, jewelry, and ISA in order to value put up for sale, so that customers in one place can buy the trend across Europe to do fine. In addition, ISA is aimed at young people as their clientele MU SPORTS and LIU.JO exclusive agent in Hong Kong, to provide consumers with more choices.

Far the most important thing is, ISA is mainly engaged in the chain-of-season brand-name bags discount stores. Wait, do not heard the word on the quarter, he turned to run. Want to know Hong Kong as a fashion capital, many famous models are the first purchase, and you look inside the ultra-multi-star entertainment news in the spring and summer wear in February on the newly installed know. In fact, this inside many of the so-called off season style, referring to the season in Hong Kong, in Guangzhou, there are a lot of style has not really necessarily have to sell. Even so, at any time will be here as a new season goods stores sell it. So buy their stay in Guangzhou, the so-called non-discounted “new goods”, might as well go directly to the ISA to buy cost-effective.

ISA has four branches in Hong Kong, are located in Tsim Sha Tsui, where 2 is the same in Guangdong Road. However, on the goods to be the most complete and largest, of course, China Hong Kong City in Tsim Sha Tsui Deshu the ISA head office, covering an area over 20,000 square feet, big bags, brand glasses, brand fashion line … … all gathered in one place. Among them, Ms. favorite big bags up, gathered GUCCI, BURBERY, PRADA, BALLY kind of first-line brands, discounts from 3 to 8 fold fold range. Offers the most from the original price 15000 is now as low as 5 folded Parda bag. Good luck + done their homework can find just listed the new bags, prices and stores sometimes only half the battle.

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